Tony Stenger ART into LIFE Studio

In 1984 I officially named my studio “ART into LIFE”  studio. This happened while I was creating a series of paintings that eventually combined with my music and media for a series of shows I launched in Austin Texas.

Since then, the world has changed. I have changed. But the ART has remained… the music and performance and the media projects. All merged with life, as usual. By then my slogan became “ART into LIFE is life into art”.

So often I feel I cannot live up to this premise. But maybe a lifetime is what it takes. Yes, that’s it…. for a life to be art, it has to BECOME, and so it goes….  here it is…  A process… Never to be finished until is finishes. I am now adding new colors, new flavors, new art, new films, and writing new music…performing all of it. Showing up. Woody Allen said it right, in his movie Annie Hall… “90% of success is showing up.”

Today, on the eve of another beautiful star filled night, I write this. It’s November 8th 2016. Sort of a wish upon one of those star… but ALSO a prayer,  a request of my better self …  but… mostly just SHOWING UP.

Along with this FIRST post, I wish I were aalso presenting a song I wrote overlooking a canyon near Austin Texas, entitled “1960 American Dream” … but instead I offer a later song, one that was written after all those great shows in Austin had finfished… about a year later.

The song is named “Blessed BE” and it is an anthem and the SONG that essentially means ACCEPTANCE. Imagery in the lyric of this song describes a moment in time where I was sitting in a handyman shack in the Bay Area, ONE block away from Steve Jobs house. I was imagining a new song, toying with chords on my “beater” guitar, while the tv was on mute…images played in my background. The phone rang. hence the lyric I wrote simultaneous with that phone call.

By the way… a “beater” guitar is a guitar we songwriters use for dragging alongside us through the dirt of life….  It goes everywhere, gets scratched, broken and repaired… It holds the FIRST notes of many songs that come from a place I can only describe as the living dream.

“I was sitting at home… the phone began to ring… a guy on tv played violin… then I heard it, a guy on piano…and then there was clapping, more clapping still”

As with most of my good songs… they sing me… the same with the good paintings, they paint me…   This is art into life. This is my first blog. I have no idea what I am doing… trying to rebuild a website, exploring wordpress…. my first “blog post”

May there be many more.